Friday, May 24, 2024

My Life

If you wouldn't have any problems being in Andre Rieu's orchestra, you shouldn't have to suffer if you are still as good and you aren't in it.

I decided to work and make money probably selling my book after I make money to help publish it.  I was told it was accepted to sell in bookstores, like B&N.  I might work at a grocery store near home, maybe in walking distance if possible, or a convenience store possibly.  I might go for full time since it's only 2 hours difference sometimes and you get to feel the whole day.  I will go home and relax and unwind maybe by 4-6.  I wake up and get to work in the morning, like 8-10.

I do believe in having fun in good ways at work even if it's at a store or factory.

How can I go on?

I can't take cues like a blonde and could "get lost in the mix."

Need to Not Waste Life, Just Thinking About That

There's no place and therefore way to devote your life to anything meaningful, anymore, like to take meaningful dance classes without people eyeball-ing you down.  Classical musicians are especially feisty, uppity and challenging.

People From up North With an Attitude

Do people from Up North always turn around and say there's something wrong with you and believe there is no point in life, socially?

Money Log 1


Food Log



...and I don't have a credit card right now with that money or the money I transferred which takes a few days.  I get paid in a week.


I had some pocket money you might say, leftover from Amazon charge or something that didn't take ... and I got macaroni and cheese and tuna with crackers.


Evidence says yes, the purple shampoo will help make it look naturally like a blonde.


I think I will just use the purple shampoo for awhile and see if it turns blonde, not use the sun in which may make it more red.




I started a new book.


Thursday, May 23, 2024


I'm learning all the notes of the flute with a video without a flute here.

Andre Rieu

Andre Rieu accepts people other than me who don't even tolerate him.  I get in trouble for no reason, and here he comes! sauntering back to other people like I don' have s*x.

YouTube - Music


He he he

Andre Rieu doesn't realize how bad most people have it..

When I Have Money


Saving All My Money

for Food




1st 2 Songs


1st 2 songs


1st 2 songs

Florida vs. New Orleans

Florida is more open than a lot of the New Orleans area people are that you see on reality TV etc.


The 1st Song


I just went on the sitting stair bike at the nursing home for half an hour again.

Ear Surgery

I cleaned both ears and they had a lot of wax and bled for the first time but not a lot piled up and hard and dark.  They bled, I think, near and at the end.  I was surprised, but I forgot to clean them usually when I wanted to like every time I bathe.


I know I like the overture and maybe parts of the first song, the main theme.  I did play in this musical!


I want to play flute for musical theater.  I have a flute and piccolo at home.

Wednesday, May 22, 2024


The community college might cost money.

I found another school with professionally inviting classes of 2 levels for "modern" dance.  I could use it to get in a company I find someday and be ready to perform.  It's beginning/intermediate and intermediate/advanced, 2 days and 3 days mornings.  There's 1 open class 1 evening.  I also go to the gym.  So, cool!  I wonder if I can find an American Ninja Warrior type gym, too, and I'm already a member of Planet Fitness, Black Card, and 1 other gym.


I can still dance after that, of course.  If I wanted to do violin at Loyola and it's better, I could do dance team or study ballet at Tulane and do gymnastics club at Tulane.

Best Opportunity to Dance

the AA in Dance at the community college

I just need to mail in my transcripts in June, may cost around $100..

I guess I'll start in the Fall.  Apparently, it does not require auditions.  I think it has "Dance" and ballet.  I hope they don't whip through the ballet like trash comparably, not meaning I'm ridiculing the college or funning the students, I just mean what it is compared to a ballet company.


Women's Clothes > eBay

Tops, for now!

What I'm Trying

I'm trying to get into dance classes with the kids.

What I Wish I Did

Age 9, 10, 11 - Saint Augustine, FL > Spanish Folk Dancing

Slidell, LA
7th & 8th Grade - Galloway's > Dance "Combo" Class - Jazz, Tap, & Lyrical
High School - Galloway's > Competition Team

They get the exclusive costumes.




Why are arts so casual and run by old loonies?


You know what pisses me off?  People concentrating they can't believe no one made better social media, as the answer to our problems.


What if I wear dance clothes, all the time?


Buying clothes?

New Plan

Just go to the gyms and pay for food.

Something will look attractive, later.

A Little "Annoying," Don't You All Think?

Whoever you are, you wish you were someone like Andre Rieu, but he's himself.

You want to prove you'd do it differently.

I swear, he is lonely at some sort of top but does not really have too much.  That's why he doesn't show off.  You say you're him all the time but a younger version and are along for the ride to constantly just say he has that.  I already told you some of what I thought and you know how I feel about the people experimenting on me before.

It's all about...

....hogging art and music, and dancing and success at entertainment if possible.

I present myself.

...and I am swallowed up.

What's the point in life, people ask me?

People always won't admit they are jealous of my talent, but they are probably rich kids from Up North who are good at details pressuring me to do it, too.

Clothes Shopping

I need to start doing it more, but even eBay can be a little expensive.  I like never do it.

Do's & Don't's

I can't find a quality dance experience.

I'm a little wary of owning a hamster on a budget.

I guess I'll take figure skating.


School 1 - Adult Ballet
Monday - 7:50-8:45 P.M. - 50 Minutes
Tuesday - 7:50-8:45 P.M. - 50 Minutes
Thursday - 7:35-8:30 P.M. - 50 Minutes

School 2 - Adult Ballet
Friday - 6:00-7:30 P.M. - 1 1/2 Hours

School 3 - Adult Dance
Wednesday - 7:00-8:00 P.M. - 1 Hour - Advanced Beginning / Intermediate Adult Jazz

Me Singing Now

Tuesday, May 21, 2024


I think I will just take adult ballet at a ballet school.  Once a week for 1 1/2 hours.  Friday evenings.

Spunky Brats Full of Flesh of Life

Who "feeds" these little brats who thrive in such a world that German can reign supreme outside of "Nazis?"


If I do move to a 1 bedroom apartment, even if it's in the same apartment complex, should I get a ferret?  I might just turn the room into a dance studio, and the pet can go in the living area, or 2nd bedroom if I have extra money for some reason.  I want an albino ferret.

Of Course

I'm getting gymnastics equipment, the long float-y thing to tumble on and for now at least a single bar.

Cough Drops

I just spent $40 on 12 packs of 19 cough drops, Ricola sugar free.  The pills make me cough after I eat and sometimes almost throw up or throw up.


I think I'm gonna go to a dance school and take all like 10 classes I can that are allowed for adults.

If it gets cancelled when they put up the new schedule after this month and I can't find a place, I'll just do the Dance AA.

Here's an idea.

Why don't you have a concerto series over a series of days of weeks?

Crap Cat?

My next painting I'm gonna be more careful by chosing the background first and then drawing the cat in it.

Question for Musicians's Sanity

So, what orchestra gives solos?  You have to record.

French Major

First Year French I
First Year French II
Second Year French II
Second Year French III
Advanced Composition/Grammar
Advanced Conversation/Phoenetics
Analysis of French Texts
Intro to French Lit I
Intro to French Lit 2
Culture & Civ 1
Culture & Civ 2

Dance by Loyola

Best to wait and see.  Tulane has gymnastics club.


I might be able to dance in the community at Loyola.  Without being on Dance Team or the rather secret Loyola dancing etc.  That sounds best, community dance.  I can ride my bike, possibly.  I just need to get used to using the lock.  At the Freiburger Barockorchester, they bike a long time?

New Idea - History Major


1. Global History 2

2. US History 1

3. US History 2

4. Historical Methods Lab

5. Historiography


1. US History - The American Character

2. European History - Modern Europe 1815-1914

3. Non-US/European History - Historical Geography

4. Non-US/European History - War in the Modern World

5. History Elective - Modern Europe 1914-1945

6. History Elective - Modern Europe 1945-Present

7. History Elective - US: WWII to Present

I want to study History in college.


1. Global History 2
2. US History 1
3. US History 2
4. Historical Methods Lab
5. Historiography


1. US History - History of New Orleans
2. European History - Empires in Modern Pacific
3. Non-US/European History - Race & Gender in the Atlantic
4. Non-US/European History - Queer History & Culture
5. History Elective - War in the Modern World
6. History Elective - Saints & Demons in Medieval Europe
7. History Elective - Witchcraft & Magic in Europe

Monday, May 20, 2024

Something Very Joking

I remember this, and it entertains me and is pertinent and relevant to my life.  Petra Mullejans is an attractive violinist with an attractive daughter, whose dad leads the orchestra too.  She finds out about my younger brother, of course.  So, she understands he's half Asian but was more attractive than me, in some ways okay.  I know she is supposed to want her mom etc., but when reality sets in about her associations she says, "I want Michael."  Her parents looked upset she seemed not to beat me.

Then, Petra Mullejans, the violinist lady/mom, is strict on me about even my younger girl cousin Ashley, who is a little younger than her daughter, who is even more younger but not much than my younger brother.  Now, I am always good, but if Ashley has a problem, it's brought on me.

I'm sorry this is not politics in the news, I'm not in rage but I'm serious I'm right.


Tri-C @ Cleveland > AA Violin Performance & Dance

Loyola University New Orleans > BM Violin Performance & Ballet @ Tulane & Gymnastics Club Team @ Tulane



I want plenty of time to practice.  Finishing my AA first, will help.  I felt silly doing all my time for nothing.

I think I found a dance club sport.

May as well?

I don't want to do the secret dance program in Loyola, too modern.

I went to dance team tryouts before here.  Also, there may be ballet off campus somewhere.  I can take classes at Tulane, too, though.  So, maybe I should just do that.  I thought it'd take time to change and stuff.  Which one?

New Idea

Tri-C (Cleveland) AA - Violin Performance

Loyola - BM - Violin Performance

The sports meets are too much time.

... ?

New Idea

Tri-C - AA - Violin Performance

Loyola - BM - Violin Performance
Cross Country & Track

... ?


I only need 1 degree.


They have events and clubs at college.  Teachers go to the theater.  Music.

AA Music

I guess first I'll get an AA easy at Tri-C.

If I don't have to do more General Studies will probably do a BM in 2 years.


I want violin lessons, maybe even get an AA in Music here, at Tri-C.


I know Loyola.  Bums get BMs there, so I wanted to show I was something.

New Idea


Dance Team

Broadway Dorm

Bachelor of Arts - Music


A Bachelor of Arts maybe because I'll be less likely to be kicked out than if I were in a Bachelor of Music and to take more Honors / General Studies courses at advanced.

Of, violin of course, and they do have a pedagogy course I think and it's similar to majoring some.


I checked it out, and I really want to go to Wheaton in Illinois... the dance team.


Illinois, Up North..

Chosing a College

I don't know if the pedagogy majors are that different, but those are good ones as BMs.  If I do string pedagogy, I might do all strings and don't really care much about it..

So, Wheaton?  The one with the cheerleading club!


I'm too late to try out for Dance Team there, so I will try for both colleges, in a year anyway, see which one I can dance at..


I found a college with a Bachelor of Music in String Pedagogy and a Dance Team.  University of New Mexico.  I think I will try to go there.

Good Idea

This music degree is a good idea for graduate school for Music Education.

Cheerleading Club

So, it's probably got more dancing.  You don't have to have prior experience..

New Idea

I want to try to go to a campus and major in Music Pedagogy, on violin.  I found one.  It's a Bachelor of Music!


of course

Health Promotion and Public Health

the only one like it for the BS..


I used to be able to sing The Phantom of the Opera like when I was 15, 16, 17.. why am I a dork?  Where did everyone else go?

I think I'm just gonna do this for now.

I don't want just the certification for online and abroad.  I'm going through the whole Bachelor of Education in Teaching English as a Second Language, for Pre-K - 12.

Oh, that's Liberty University.  I also want to go to Franklin for Exercise Science, it's in Ohio.


Bachelor of Education - Teaching English as a Second Language (Pre-K - 12th) - Liberty U (Virginia)

Bachelor of Science - Exercise Science - Franklin U (Ohio)

Where should I teach EFL?

England?  Nah, even though I'm teaching as American?  Who wants to learn American?  Europe?


1-2 weeks 4 hours a day?

In June?

My Next Goal

I do have a savings for a pet, but I am gonna send my transcripts to Liberty University, which costs money, and "apply for FAFSA."  I'm gonna forget about worrying about a ferret or pets.  I'm gonna cook my food.  I'll see what my health requires, I may dance and have 2 gym memberships, one being a Black Card for Planet Fitness, its higher/highest membership.  We'll see how this goes.  I'll do just like 2 courses at a time or 1 if it's a short period of time, at least for now, and see if I get smarter or better, but this is an easy major for me, like Music / Music Education was.

Andre Rieu

Andre Rieu, I figured out part of you.

You had your son Pierre because in Orlando I remember the best was a bus driver who was probably mixed with a little Black and some Middle Eastern etc.  You wanted to see if they were interested in having s** or being loved.

(You also gave up on yourself and sharing your dreams with anyone, like you were a loner who wanted to open up to people strictly about it being good and White successfully, where I kinda take 2nd place and am worrying in feeling, where people hang reminders of death around me sometimes or break out in terror of how bad they make it for me.  I didn't used to live this way, and neither are others made to by others.)

Anyway, it did seem tacky, but you got people to cooperate and got popular like my dad marrying someone from a better heritage.  Middle Eastern is a highly coveted race, and I'll not near Germany's sentiment on that if it exists in the negative or overbearing to Whites not considered German in heritage.

So, you got popular by advertising your son Pierre.

Apparently, albinos aren't all that hard to find?



I want this ferret baby!



I want this.


New Idea



I guess the Masters is like with music when you go back and do Historical Performance like it's supposed to be all that enjoyable.

Degrees to Get






I should also do a Masters in TESOL for teaching abroad.

Liberty University

Liberty University is an online college, as well as an on campus college.  Of course, I'm going online.

I'm declaring 2 degrees.

Liberty University


The BEd TESL is for Pre-K - 12th grade!

I will take a long time to finish, but it looks like fun ... and a lot of classes including General Studies might overall overlap, except there's plenty of Education courses.

I'm almost perfected at grammar, as a student.  I remember every little thing that's important, usually, not everything though.  It's very easy.  I know a lot of catch phrases or whatever etc.

It will be a nice life going from place to place in any country, like a Maria (von Trapp.)


I wonder if I shouldn't dance and just eat.  True, when I get in shape I can dance.

I'll be enjoying myself for once.



Sunday, May 19, 2024

Meeting Me?

It's not that I was the amazing product back in the day, like 2005, but it was what I was up to and things we all did.  I was another little princess girl, not a real princess meaning.